TechX 2.0 Challenge Info


From March 1st - April 20th, classroom teachers participating in TECHX 2.0 have created teams of students to compete in either one of two challenges. Each classroom/club must submit at least one team into each challenge. Students will work together to compete in each of the challenges against teams from other schools. Points will be awarded to teams that are successful in both challenges. Schools may enter up to three robots in each of the challenges. In Challenge 1, the single robot with the most accumulated points counts towards their school's TECHX 2.0 Points. In the Challenge 2, all three robots work together to complete the challenges and gain TECHX 2.0 points. The school with the most TECHX 2.0 points will be declared the winner.

Challenge 1: Design Thinking Challenge (Morning Challenge)

Following the design process, students will prototype, build, code, and test a robot to compete against other robots in a challenge where the goal is to push/pull/force a competitors robot to the outside of a 1m diameter ring.

This challenge will run via tournament bracket. Overall TECHX 2.0 points will be awarded to the robot from each school that finished highest in the bracket.

Challenge 2: Water Conservation Challenge (Afternoon Challenge)

Students will need to again use design thinking to prototype, build, code, and test their robot to complete various tasks relating to water conservation. There are 10 tasks in total, 1 point will be awarded for each completed task by a team. An additional component of this activity will have student teams corresponding to other classmates back at their school via Google Hangout. Teams at TECHX 2.0 will need to relay information back to team members at the school who will be given information necessary to complete the challenge.

1 overall TECHX 2.0 point will be awarded for each completed challenge.


Educational Technology is changing the way teachers and students approach learning goals... Here is a sample of some of the latest Ed. Tech to make its way into RCDSB schools.

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